And so has begun the yearly geek orgy known as the San Diego Comic-Con. And for yet another year, I won’t be there. This is the only time of year I really hate living on the east coast of this great country of ours. For years I have wanted to attend Comic-Con, but circumstances always seem to put a halt to whatever plans I was making.

Now I know most fans say that Comic-Con is not the same since Hollywood moved in. They say the con is less about comic books and more and more about movies, video games and entertainment media. But honestly, I don’t really care. Going to Comic-Con is like going to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown for a baseball fan or E3 for a video game fan. For comic book geeks, it is our Mecca, a legendary place that has to be seen to believed.

So I couldn’t really give a damn if comics have become a smaller part of the con. That doesn’t mean I want to be there any less every year. My hope (dream really) is that New Book Day starts to become successful so I’ll have a good excuse to go in a year or two. Or maybe I just say the hell with it and go anyway.

You only live once, right?