Now that the new comic smell is starting to wear off DC Comic’s New 52, I’m starting to ween out which titles I’ll continue reading and which are falling by the wayside. One book that has kept my attention and I’m still enjoying the hell out of is Justice League International. The book has a great old school vibe and top notch art that makes me really look forward to each issue.

Issue #3 continues the Signal Masters storyline as the League splits up into teams to try to learn more about the four giants that have popped up across the globe. Dan Jurgens uses the opportunity to help the reader and team members try to get to know each other a bit better. It works wonderfully as nothing feels forced and it really reads like part of the story. The old school feeling I mentioned before continues and, for me, is a really big selling point for the series. They literally don’t make comics like this anymore. Everyone feels the need to make comics feel dark, grim and/or so serious I find them depressing. Thankfully I don’t get any of that when reading JLI. All I get is that same sense of fun I used to get from reading comics when I was younger and a large part of the credit for that goes to Jurgens.

Aaron Lopresti is quickly becoming a favorite artist of mine. I knew he was good from the work he did on Marvel’s second Excalibur series, but here he is really being given room to show his stuff. You never have to wonder what is going on in a scene or what panel to read next. His characters look consistent and he also draws a hell of a Booster Gold. I fervently hope he will be sticking around on the book for an extended stay.

Justice League International has flown a bit under the radar thanks to its big brother, Justice League. That’s a shame because for my money this is the far superior series and overall, a much more entertaining read. It’s the kind of comic that will make you believe that a comic book can actually be fun again. And that is worth its weight in gold to me.