Over the weekend I worked on a new New Book Day comic for the first time in two months. It was a lot harder then I remember it being, especially the inking. I’ve been inking the comic with my Wacom tablet for awhile now, but I always noticed that if I took a break, getting used to using the tablet again took some time. The finished strip didn’t turn out exactly as I planned, but it felt good to be working on the comic again. It was like seeing the old gang again after too long a time and playing catch up.

I’m hopeful that as I get into the swing of three times a week updates that the process will get faster and the comics will get better. Only time will tell.


On an unrelated side note, my latest edition of the Comic Roundup is now live over at Geekadelphia. This week I review Avengelyne, Invincible Iron Man and Fly. I’ll be honest; you need to be reading Fly. It is by far the best new series of the year and should be on everybody’s pull list.

You can check it out here.