New Book Day is the story of two fanboys who live in Philadelphia. It follows their lives and loves as they try to get through life, find the latest Avengers variant cover and still find time to play Street Fighter.

The Cast:

“Diego” Murdock – Diego has been a fanboy since his mother bought him his first X-Men comic at the local pharmacy. When he discovered later he had the same last name as Daredevil, all bets were off.

He has recently graduated from college and has embarked on a freelance art career. He also works in a supermarket as a stock clerk, or as he puts it “product placement engineer”. Diego has been dating Roxxane for a little over a year.

Trevor Harlowe – Trevor is a gamer, pure and simple. Whether role-playing games, video games or tic-tac-toe, it doesn’t matter. He has never seen a RPG book he didn’t have to have or a Final Fantasy game he didn’t need to play.

Trevor grew up in New Jersey and moved to Philadelphia after college to work as a programmer. He met Diego shortly thereafter and the two became fast friends when Diego learned Trevor had actually been to Kevin Smith’s comic shop in Red Bank, New Jersey. Trevor has been dating his girlfriend Nikki for over six years.

Roxanne McKibben – Roxy is a hardcore otaku, which means she lives for Japanese anime, manga and culture. She can quote Gundam verbatim and loves to cosplay (usually as male characters).

Roxxane moved to Philadelphia to attend school and shares an apartment with her older sister Sara. She is also a writer and blogs for a local site called Geekadelphia.

Nikki Genovese – Nikki is Trevor’s long time (and long suffering) girlfriend. As the only “normal” one in the group, it usually falls to her to keep the rest of them, Trevor in particular, in line.

Nikki is a hairdresser who works at one of the upscale spas in the city. She met Trevor when he came in with a friend from work to get a haircut. It wasn’t until later Nikki learned why Trevor carried dice with him wherever he went.

Steve “Stevie” Kaminski – Stevie is the owner of Comic World, the comic book and games shop that is the second home to Diego and Trevor. Knowing Diego is a complete fanboy, he is not above using that to bring convince Diego he “needs” more than he normally buys.

Stevie has a fear of technology and only recently got his first cell phone.

Suzy Van Wenhoek – Suzy is the angry goth girl Stevie recently hired to work at Comic World. She thinks most fanboys are pigs and is not above telling them this, to their face, much to Stevie’s dismay.

Suzy is also a web designer on the side and recently overhauled the Comic World website.

Eric Smythe – Eric is the lackadaisical founder and editor-in-chief of Geekadelphia, a local Philadelphia geek-centric blog. Nothing really excites him except Halo and most of the time he is just trying to get his writers to get some work done.

Eric recently brought on Roxxane as an anime/manga writer for the site.